A review of the evolution of the transdermal market in the voice of Dr. Francisco Stefano, our director. Challenges of science and passion as protagonists.

In recent years, laboratories have been investigating new alternatives to eliminate or avoid animal testing of cosmetic and medical products.

The correct adhesion of a transdermal patch to skin throughout the established time of use is key to guarantee the effective administration of the dose declared in the prescribing information.

Although the analytical procedure transfer of transdermal pharmaceutical products follows the same general guidelines as other dosage forms, ..

Could the 3D printer be a key aspect for personalized medicine? What are its advantages and the challenges it has to face to make this happen?

The production of transdermal patches is a continuous and artisanal process that consists of 3 stages that reflect how delicate and specific is the production of this niche pharmaceutical form. Let´s review it!

On September 21, World Alzheimer's Day is commemorated, in the context of World Alzheimer's Month.

4 simple recommendations to apply a transdermal patch

By following the medical indications and these tips, the transdermal patch will provide the optimal performance for therapeutic treatment.

On World Humanitarian Day, we pay tribute to those who work every day to help others to have a better quality of life.

In this article we share the most important advantages that transdermal patches have over other dosage forms and routes of administration.

Far away, in 1979, the first transdermal patch to reach the market, produced under an industrial controlled process and backed by clinical studies, was launched in US under the brand name TransderScop®.

Scientific and technological advances have caused a global increase in the quality of life and health of the population and the public integrates the information of science and technology into their beliefs and personal values ​​to make important decisions in both their health a well as in other aspects of daily life such as social behavior, business or work.

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