In 1997, the World Health Organization declared April 11th as World Parkinson's Day, coinciding with the anniversary of the birth of James Parkinson, a British neurologist who, in 1817, discovered what he called 'agitating paralysis' and which we know today as Parkinson's disease.

In the pharmaceutical industry, product development is a priority and foundational stage. It is not my intention in this article to refer to the development of new molecules, which is restricted to large companies or companies that can obtain significant funds from long-term investors who are at high risk of not recovering their investment.

Despite the well-known challenges faced during 2020 due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the FDA managed to review and approve 53 new drug therapies. That’s not just a number.

The terms topical and transdermal are sometimes confused. The fact that, by definition, all medications applied onto the skin are topical -that is, applied to the skin surface- may lead to such misconception...

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