Overview of misinformation and public health

Scientific and technological advances have caused a global increase in the quality of life and health of the population and the public integrates the information of science and technology into their beliefs and personal values ​​to make important decisions in both their health a well as in other aspects of daily life such as social behavior, business or work.

Opportunities in an evolving market


In a first and superficial approach to the main market indicators, and in line with some publications, we can have feeling of witnessing the twilight of one the most innovative pharmaceutical forms in the industry,..

World Parkinson’s Day

In 1997, the World Health Organization declared April 11th as World Parkinson’s Day, coinciding with the anniversary of the birth of James Parkinson, a British neurologist who, in 1817, discovered what he called ‘agitating paralysis’ and which we know today as Parkinson’s disease.