In order for an IFA to be administered through the skin, it must meet certain characteristics.

An oral thin film (OTF) is a very thin film made up of a single or multilayer polymeric matrix applied in the mouth.

The skin is an accessible and convenient way to administer medications But it has certain limitations.

In May 1971, Alza Corporation filed the first patent for a transdermal device that would be the forerunner of what we know today as microneedling.

 Although progress has been made in the world to eradicate poverty, economic inequality continues to exist.

We tell you what dementia is, and how it has become one of the main causes of disability and dependence among the elderly. We also review current pharmacological treatments.

There are formulations created to reduce the possibility of drug abuse and misuse, making it difficult to administer it in conditions other than those approved.

The Nobel Prizes today represent the most prestigious recognition to which a science professional can aspire. But many criticize this award for different reasons.

Millions of people who take medication to cure or alleviate an illness never consider where the pharmacological substances contained in a drug ultimately end up.

With the large amount of information found on the internet, it is often difficult for us to differentiate truth from myth or lie. That is why in this article we collect some claims of transdermal patches and if they are true or false.

With the appearance of this new disease, in 2019/2020, the pharmaceutical industry is strongly affected.

Dr. Gabach, our director & manager of New Projects, analyzes the present and gives us a preview of the future of Amarin and the transdermal market.

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