What can be done with the medicines that we no longer use in a way that does not affect our health or the environment?

What makes it possible for Amarin, a small player, to compete in the big leagues of the transdermal market? Here are the reasons in the voice of our Director & CEO, Sergio Lucero.

Cleaning validation is a procedure of establishing evidence that cleaning processes for manufacturing equipment prevent product contamination

Contamination of drugs raises concern because of the risks that constant exposure to drugs in the environment and in humans can bring.

A review of the evolution of the transdermal market in the voice of Dr. Francisco Stefano, our director. Challenges of science and passion as protagonists.

In recent years, laboratories have been investigating new alternatives to eliminate or avoid animal testing of cosmetic and medical products.

The correct adhesion of a transdermal patch to skin throughout the established time of use is key to guarantee the effective administration of the dose declared in the prescribing information.

Although the analytical procedure transfer of transdermal pharmaceutical products follows the same general guidelines as other dosage forms, ..

Could the 3D printer be a key aspect for personalized medicine? What are its advantages and the challenges it has to face to make this happen?

The production of transdermal patches is a continuous and artisanal process that consists of 3 stages that reflect how delicate and specific is the production of this niche pharmaceutical form. Let´s review it!

On September 21, World Alzheimer's Day is commemorated, in the context of World Alzheimer's Month.

4 simple recommendations to apply a transdermal patch

By following the medical indications and these tips, the transdermal patch will provide the optimal performance for therapeutic treatment.

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