Clinical Studies for Generic Patches

The kind and quantity of clinical studies required for the submission of a regulatory application for a generic patch are different than those required for other pharmaceutical forms. Learn how complex these studies can become in the light of current guidelines.

World Mental Health Day

October 10 marks World Mental Health Day. This is an opportunity to talk about mental health in general, how we should take care of it, and how important it is to get help if you’re struggling.

Novartis’ Ballet​

Exelon® should be featured in pharmaceutical marketing courses as one of the best success stories when it comes to life cycle management. In the following article, we tell the reasons

Big data and pharma​

The use of new tools to explore Big Data sets has accelerated their use in the field of health.

AMARIN, the double challenge.​

Amarin faces the double challenge of the complexities of the Pharmaceutical Industry, in addition to the unfavorable scenario in macroeconomic terms in Argentina.

Inequality in access to vaccines

Vaccines are one of the health measures that have produced and continue to produce the greatest benefit to humanity, they prevent diseases that previously caused major epidemics, deaths and sequelae.